Anonymous Browsing and Encrypted connection while Access the Internet.

What is VPN?

A VPN account allows you to surf the internet anonymously and safely and bypass proxy servers and filters imposed by your ISP, office or school. By using a secure and anonymous connection through our servers in the USA or Germany, you can get full internet access in places that censor or block your connection.

US VPN Service
S$10.00 / month

Who needs VPN Hoster Services?

Users looking to be anonymous on the Internet Surfing at Public Internet Cafe or Free Wireless Hotspots.  Companies would like to prevent users from enjoying the Internet

What are the benefits of having a VPN Account?

– Anonymous Internet Surfing
– Secure 128bit-key Encrypted Connection
– No need to use a proxy any more
– Support for all application on your PC
– e-mail, ICQ, browser
– Full anonymity
– High-speed access to any site or service
– Protection from password sniffers in Public Internet Access Areas
– Use Skype, Yahoo and Google Talk in Middle East and Asia
– Visit censored/blocked websites in Thailand, Qatar & more
– Internet Service Provider will not know you are using it
– Watch American TV without any restrictions

Our VPN Servers are located in the following countries

USA – 2 Locations (Seattle & Dallas)